Mark is a Registered Professional Turner with a teaching certificate (PTLLS), 10 years teaching practice and over 30 years turning experience.

Turning Courses at Mark’s workshop near Pershore, Worcestershire

Individual Course:

Cost $ TBC per student per day

The Complete Basics of Woodturning - 2 Days:

This course has been created to meet the needs of those looking to start out in the craft of woodturning. It is aimed at those who are complete beginners with no experience as well as those who have set up but find they are struggling. So if you are starting out and wanting sound advice to avoid costly mistakes this is the course for you.

The course deals in detail with:

Cost $ TBC per student

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“My style of teaching is to be as flexible as possible so each student’s requirements and expectations are met. Contact with students prior to a course allows me to understand what those needs are and adapt the content accordingly. I believe the feedback, some of which is shown below, reflects the success of this approach”    Mark

Student Feedback      (Click here for more reviews)

If there was an 'outstanding' rating as part of this evaluation - Mark would have achieved it within the first hour. I am - or was - a complete non-starter in that I had no prior experience, very little idea and absolutely no confidence. And as with all learning, if you feel happy and trust the tutor, you've started in the best way possible. I've worked with teachers and tutors of all sorts, professionally and as part of my attempts to fill retired life and Mark is without doubt, one of the very best I've met. He not only engaged me personally but involved me in the learning process to determine what and how I should learn. His minutely detailed knowledge and determination to ensure that I received the very best possible day, made the day itself fly by. His excellent guidance notes, his flair for filling in the details of why I was being demonstrated in a particular manner and the sheer depth of Mark's knowledge made it an absolute treasure of a day. I took away lots of materials, and a bowl, but also the trusted promise that I would receive any future help Mark could give me. An artist, a craftsman and a gent. Thanks Mark for a marvellous day.

   Brian Aldridge Dec’19 - retired Head Teacher

I am a total beginner to wood turning (although I knocked out a few decent pieces at school some 50 years ago) but wanted to learn more about it in the hope it would give me an extra skill to compliment my main hobby, building custom fly fishing rods. Mark covered everything in a logical and friendly way combined with enthusiasm and a genuine love for what he does. As I wrote earlier, the day was a long one, finishing around 8pm. It is a credit to Mark that he just doesn't rush anything but makes sure you have covered everything in the syllabus. Everything covered was backed up with excellent notes, very professionally done. I was on the course yesterday and I have already had 2 emails from Mark this morning with numerous links to various equipment and wood turning product suppliers. He supports his students with advice post course, which is tremendous. My advice to any 'would-be' wood turner: don't buy any tools or machinery until you have spent at least one day with Mark Hancock.

   Michael McNulty Jan’16

I found Marks details on-line late in 2015 and my wife bought me a day's one-on-one lesson with Mark which I took in January. Communication was excellent prior to the day with good directions, pre-course notes & an interest in my current skill level & what I wanted to get from the day. A very warm welcome & a fantastic day! I came away buzzing with my new found skills & techniques. Considering all the equipment at your disposal, the materials provided and the skill of the teacher, this was incredible value for money. Mark has a undoubted skill for wood turning but importantly, his ability to teach is also excellent. I learnt so much in the day and will be back for more once I have practiced at home. I was not expecting to come away with such detailed & comprehensive teaching notes which was an added bonus. On top of all this, Mark is a really nice guy who was a pleasure to spend the day with.

   Antony Lynall Jan’16

“The other reviews say it all! My husband and I spent a day and a half with Mark and had a great time coming away very proud of the bowls we had produced. Before the day I was a bit worried that this was a 'boy's' hobby and that I wouldn't have the strength needed but I was wrong. Mark is a very patient, thorough teacher who gives fantastic value for money - the day contained so much more than a standard training day.”

   Ann Kennedy Aug’15

“Having thought about wood turning for some time decided the best way to go about it was to go on a course before spending money on equipment. It was worth every penny for a full day with Mark it was a very informative and well run day with Mark giving so much information it was a job to absorb it all and I now have a good idea of what to buy and what not to buy and Mark is at the end of the phone if ever you need him.”

   Paul Dowlman Jun’15

"We had an absolutely marvellous day. As it turns out, we are the same age, with similar views on lots of things, and obviously he has a wealth of experience, which he shares freely. And he is a good teacher. I only walked away with a small bowl (thin walled, from hard walnut), but I picked so much advice and guidance. Worth every penny, and I’ll probably be back for more."

   Wolfgang Schulze-Zachau Dec’14

Warwickshire College Feedback

The teacher managed the learning expertly. Mark was clearly an expert in his field and commanded respect and admiration from his students. He was calm and authoritative in his delivery, and managed to keep all of the students moving forward even though they were each at different stages, and often needing help. He had mastered the art of spinning plates very well!”

   Teacher Assessment Nov ’11

West Dean College Feedback

“As a teacher my self in fine woodworking furniture in Amsterdam I learnt a lot from Mark. Mark is so patient in explaining even if the subject is simple or quiet difficult. Step by step it is explained to understand. Mark's approach to wood was for me an eye opener e.g. cross-grain and parallel-grain turning, a great thought! Mark taught me a lot of skills in turning the wood, so much that I now can teach it to my students at HMC Amsterdam (e.g. turning on the guillotine angle, great!)

This 4 days short course of green wood turning was far too short, I long for next year's following up course.”

   Ad Lindeman, Holland Apr’15

“Mark's teaching was patient and thorough, covering all aspects of woodturning, both theoretical and practical. By the middle of the second day, we students were well on the way to completing the first of several bowls of ash, acacia and sycamore. All of us were surprised at how much we learned, and how quickly we advanced from complete beginners to being able to complete a bowl to be proud of by the end of the course. Mark's teaching style is generous and sympathetic. He shared his encyclopedic knowledge and supported us continuously through the course, no matter how many mistakes we made or how many faults were only too apparent in our beginners' bowls.

I will certainly try to return for another of Mark's courses.”

   Michael Stuart Apr ‘15

“Went on the Course with Mark as a complete beginner. Had thorough explanation of where to start and of all the equipment I would need if I were to want to continue - including lathes, gouges, sharpening tools and wood finishes. Mark helped me to make my first (four!) bowls with great patience. I shall be going back for more!”

   Robin Mellows Apr ‘15

AWGB Members’ Workshop Feedback

“I find it difficult to improve on this course (Log to Bowl - Greenwood Turning) as so much was covered and delivered in such a professional and instructive manner. We started at 9:00am and finished at 6:30pm but if felt like just a few hours.”

   Julian Nov ’14

“Thanks for a very informative day on Sat. I feel that although I forgot a few things straight away [AGE] on the day, by re-reading the notes and going over the day, its all sunk in. Thanks for all you did, I learnt a lot and have seen an improvement in my work.”

   Dave Nov ‘14

“This was a great course and I’m sure my woodturning skills are better”

   Trevor Nov ‘14

I now feel more confident in trying to work in hollow forms. The course you provided was comprehensive and covered all aspects of the subject in an understandable manner. Any person attending your course is certainly going to benefit and I recommend it to anyone wishing to further their knowledge and skill in the craft”

   Geoff Jun ‘13

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Supporting the recovery of veterans, emergency “Blue light” personnel and NHS staff who are suffering acute mental health conditions.

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With plans to emigrate to the USA I am at present not running turning courses or offering demonstrations.

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